Our small expert team is led by our two highly experienced Directors.

Mr Grayson Taylor

Mr Grayson Taylor, Director
Grayson's first experience in the care home sector evolved from his very successful period as an insurance broker based in Bournemouth in the 1970s and early 1980s where he developed a following within the care sector.

In 1981 he established, what was to become one of the leading commercial estate agencies of the 1980s, Taylor National specialising in the care sector initially operating out of a Bournemouth office in 1981 the operation spread to Leeds in 1986, to London in 1987 and Cheltenham in 1988, by which time the business was employing over 40 staff and recognised as one of the market leading agencies.  In 1989 following a number of approaches Grayson entered into a exclusive arrangement and that September Taylor National was sold to a London based licensed trade agent who raised substantial funds by way of a ‘city placing’ to acquire the business. From this point Grayson’s career took a new turn. He made a move into becoming a care home operator, his first acquisition being a 46 bedded nursing home enjoying a cliff top location in Bournemouth. 18 months later he acquired a purpose built nursing home (out of receivership) in Horwich, Lancashire. The home was bought half completed, subsequently staffed, beds occupied and sold on one year later when the home was 100% occupied. In 1994 Grayson acquired a 56 bedded home in Macclesfield, extended it to 80 beds, which was subsequently sold to a provider in 2002. In 2001 having effectively been out of the agency business for twelve years Grayson established the DC Care property agency which initially traded under ‘Dawn Care’ (named after his wife). Between 2001 and 2008 DC Care became a major name in the specialised field of selling care homes with Grayson being responsible for recruiting the leading talents of the industry to work under his banner. In 2012 Grayson established his third vehicle in the care home agency marketplace; Lamont Johnson, bringing his unrivalled knowledge and experience to further develop the sector.

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To contact Grayson via e-mail: grayson@lamontjohnson.com
Or call him on 07920 475440

Mrs Dawn Taylor

Mrs Dawn Taylor, Director
Dawn commenced her career in the sector in 1987 joining the established and successful specialist agency Taylor National at the Leeds office where she was based.

Dawn was instrumental in developing her office into a leading part of the organisation and remained there until Taylor National was acquired by a national agent in 1989.  In 2001 she was a founding director of DC Care alongside her husband Grayson, who named the business after her and she remained an integral part of the early development and growth of that business until leaving in 2008.

To contact Dawn via e-mail: dawn@lamontjohnson.com
Or call her on 01937 842758